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Hello everyone!

Welcome to “my” website! I will have to tell you my story in order to understand why this website was created. My name is Sandrino Hill, people call me Sandi. I am the only child, I have Italian roots but I was born weak, unworthy and especially dumb. I always had women treat me like garbage, I always adored them, I adored what they do to me. As a grown man, each relationship brought me closer to the edge. My life was strict, I encountered tough women who put me in my place. They ordered me around, they planned my life, they gave me a purpose to live and work! I am very into it. I have a great job that pays a lot of money, money that I gave to the women in my life, I am blessed to have wonderful mistresses that take care of what and how I do, in order to be rewarded with compliments, it’s what makes me happy. I was born to serve, I was born to be a follower, I entrusted my life to the webcam mistresses!

I found out about it by chance and boy it changed my live!

I started navigated through the list of mistresses on every single webcam website there is, I made charts, gathered pictures, made my own “Panini” album with the best mistresses around, I made this my main goal in life. To find the perfect mistress!

I will gather all the best webcam mistresses, women that changed my life and guided me to the right direction. I have been abused, beaten, spitted, cursed at, blackmailed, humiliated, dominated, financial dominated, you name it, I went through it all. I have such a great time devoting my life to these wonderful women, I give them everything I have, my soul included and they reward me each time for being a great pet. I love that feeling.

This website was created as an endeavor to try and be the ultimate piggy, the best slave ever. The mistresses asked me to create this wonderful website in their honor. They want me to write and spread the word to every slave on the planet, about my story. About how happily and live changing experience this is, about how relieved I am about showing my true self to the world. It feels awesome. We slaves need structure, we need strong women to guide us, to whip us when we deserve it, to make us better slaves, to make us serve them with pride.

This website is a homage to every wonderful mistress that went through my life and to show you how can they help you become a better slave. Follow my journey and I am sure you will find your perfect webcam mistress to get the best out of you.

My journey
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